Unleash the power of your data with our Power BI consulting services

Our passion is to help our customers in their paths to grow their business. We do that by providing them with the best Power BI Analytics and reporting tool, BI Book, and giving them guidance and support in getting the best out of their data. Our team of 100+ business analytics professionals are always ready to help.

What do we mean by that?

We are certain that every business needs to lead with data in order to be successful. We are also certain that not all businesses have the resources needed to fully take advantage of the data they possess - they don't have the tools or knowhow to process and mine the data to find the insights they need.

Our business savvy data analysts will help you with whatever you need. Our consultants can help set up all the necessary tools and help you pinpoint the most important data collection points. We can get the ball rolling or take your existing data maturity to the next level.

Whatever your technology stack looks like, where ever your business data lies, it doesn't matter. Our team will connect all of your data for a holistic and easy-to-understand view of your whole business. That's when the real magic happens.

Your business will produce the numbers. We can help you to make sense of them.

Your data tells a story

How do you actually benefit from our analytics consulting services?

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    Integrate all systems and data

    Our analysts will help you combine all of your data into a holistic business view.

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    Grow your business with data

    We provide you with an effortless access to valuable data insights.

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    Help for any and every data need

    We can help you set up or scale your data analytics processes.

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    No need for in-house hires

    Ain't nobody got time for battling in the recruitment market.

We can hook you up with an Interim Data Analyst too.

We know that setting up an internal data team can be a daunting process. The competition for the best data analysts is fierce and many companies will be left empty-handed. That is also one of the reasons many companies rely on our interim data analyst services.

Our interim specialists will work as part of your team with a role that fit your company needs to a tee. They can get their hands dirty with all the day-to-day data work like setting up integrations, automating processes and implementing new tools. They can also provide real strategic value as well, because we pride ourselves on the fact that our analysts have extensive business knowledge in addition to their technological prowess.

If your company has a need for an interim professional, we'll figure out where you're at currently and what needs do you have. That way we can set you up with a few of our analysts that best suit your needs. You can see their CVs and interview them before making your final choice.

Then we can get underway.

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What are our customers saying?

  • One of the really great things about working with the BI Book people has been that we have learned a lot ourselves during the project and are now able to think about analytics in a much more holistic way.

    Tony Rae Management Account Manager, Valve
  • I feel that BI Book’s team is like an extension of our team, especially Joni, who has been working with us. He has been incredible in every part of the project. He is very helpful, and you can tell he wants to do a good job. At the same time, he enjoys his work.

    Donald Weaver CEO, Weaver Technologies
  • We have always received customer-oriented and agile service that suits our business. With BI Book's team, we can always ensure that the agreed matters will be carried out with high quality, and flexibly as needed. I also appreciate their modern approach to entrepreneurship and business. I can warmly recommend them to others as well!

    Timo Eräkangas CFO & HR Director, Frosmo

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