Power BI together with Clausions FPM can bring true depth into your group data. Via BI Book, you can get this set up super fast and get started where other companies left of, meaning more time for analyzing and less time building!

Our BI team has years of experience in group reporting and an extensive understanding of what group companies need for their reporting. BI Book is built with solid financial management and corporate reporting expertise to meet these needs. We are also FPM’s only BI partner and have experience building reporting smoothly on top of FPM. Deploying a BI Book is easy and offers several ways to implement integration.

Benefits of BI reporting in FPM:

  1. Enables modern and automated group reporting
  2. Instead of Excels, you get visually clear and dynamic group reports whose views can be customized exactly the way you want at one click
  3. Anyone in your organization can build, access, and share reports with different permissions- you can limit which parts of the reports others will see
  4. Saving time- instead of building group reports, you can focus entirely on analyzing them
  5. The whole group reporting in a one presenting portal
  6. You can drill deeper into the data and compare it easily
  7. You can effectively compare turnover and profitability between the dimensions of the entire group (e.g. product lines, cities)
  8. Report data is updated nearly in real-time
  9. Can be implemented either in the BI Book or entirely in the customer’s own BI environment

Getting started:

If you are interested in modern and more efficient group reporting, please contact us bibook@renance.com

Here you can play around with a live demo of what bibook would look like on your data:

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