BI Book is by far the easiest way to integrate Netvisor to Power BI or any other analytics tool like Qlik, Tableu, Looker, Excel or Google Data Studio. It's so easy, that we will provide you not only with a technical integration, but pre-built reports and Power BI licences at no cost for a monthly trial.

BI Book works on Netvisor by providing the following:

  1. A optimized for you data warehousing staging API
  2. Pre-built reports and dashboards along with solutions for budgeting, forecasting and consolidation.
  3. Power BI licences for as many users as neccessary.

Power BI via BI Book provides you with the following:

  • Anyone in your organization can build, access and share reports.
  • Access your data anywhere
  • Present reports just the way you would like
  • Real time view of how your business is performing.

BI Book is one of only two analytics connectors natively integrated into the Netvisor Store. We have implemented over Power BI or other analytics solutions to over 1000 companies on Netvisor.

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