Analytics consulting services

The team behind BI Book has extensive experience within a broad range of services. We are part of Greenstep Group with 500+ employees and have 100+ technical consultants at your disposal. Together, we develop business-critical insight for our clients that they can set up without any prior knowledge of Power BI.

Our data and analytics consulting team combines strategy, implementation, optimization, and training to help you scale your business by focusing on what matters and avoiding what does not. You can solve your core business needs like boost sales, enhance profitability, save money, find opportunities, decrease risks, and more by integrating your data's power with our analytics experts' expertise.

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BI and analytics consulting

Your analytics should actually provide ROI

At BI Book, we believe that deploying analytics does not have to be a considerable investment and project that takes many months to complete. Our team of 50+ analytics experts has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide access high-quality analytics in weeks, even days, sometimes hours.

We support our customers with performance management, business intelligence, automation, and the necessary technical solutions such as integrations, data warehousing, pre-built frameworks, Power BI Portals, tools, training, and management consulting.

Our special expertise also covers financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting development. We master all the most important areas, from integration software to business intelligence and ERP systems.

What does our team look like?

We leverage Microsoft cloud technologies to help businesses in a variety of sectors become more digitally ready by fostering agile development, establishing integrated platforms, and aiding end-users in learning and adapting. We want to make leveraging data a no-brainer.

We believe that businesses need their people to enjoy working with technology and for it to work for them. Our team loves solving complex issues and goals that can unlock our customer's true business potential.

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What's our approach?

  • Our Power BI Consulting Service offers a hands-on, full consultation to identify gaps and opportunities by utilizing Power BI dashboards and data visualizations to provide powerful insights. We want to provide you with such insights so you can make well-informed judgments about the organization as a whole.
  • BI Book's Microsoft Power BI consulting services assist firms in converting vital corporate data and sharing insights through attractive visual reports using web-based business analytics and data visualization. Our Power BI solution team will assist you in achieving your goals.

Our Power BI Consulting Services will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) technology should be adopted and used as cost-efficiently as possible (press of a button).
  • Customize the Power BI platform to get the most out of it.
  • Integrate all data sources and maintain a current data infrastructure.
  • To bring value to your firm, use data analytics and visualization.
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How does our approach to analytics differ from the traditional one:

  • Pre-built integrations: Our analytics team is knowledgeable about all of the most common system solutions. Let's create a system architecture that meets your requirements!
  • Pre-built packages: We provide pre-built packages for your organization to swiftly and cost-effectively adopt the most popular BI tools on the market. Instead of months, our solutions enable the deployment of high-quality analytics for multiple systems in a matter of days or even hours. Without any compromise.
  • Business knowledge: BI Book's group company Greenstep's diverse team of 500 specialists contributes to the data enrichment process by applying their expertise in financial management, human resources, and sustainability to discover the best solutions for your specific needs.

Our Power BI Consulting team is known for producing high-quality results that encourage innovation and equip decision-makers with business-critical data. Here you can see some of our clients:

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Our most used consulting services

Power BI Set-up & Implementation

The value chain begins with raw source data, which must be integrated, processed, and evaluated before being converted into knowledge, and then into wisdom and meaningful economic benefit.

Cut your implementation costs drastically by using our services, no joke. We can set up Power BI on your software architecture with the industry's fastest and most cost-efficient solution that also scales. After 1000+ Power BI implementations, we have automated the set-up, including data pipelines, Power BI templates, and more for 100+ software. In addition, we have hundreds more software like on-prem software we have experience in connecting.

One-click dataconnectors and templates

We have 50+ one-click connectors, meaning setup is literally at the press of a button but also hundreds of connectors that are low-cost setups that can save you time and money. Our fastest Power BI implementation to date took 3 minutes, not 3 months. We even provide free trials of all one-click data connectors and we'll throw in pre-built Power BI data models in as well.

Training to end users

We have pre-built training packages for end-users and experienced trainers that can support you in actually getting the organization to leverage your insights through hands-on, live, or on-demand training and change management.

Customization to your needs

Our team are expert both on the technical side but also has extensive industry and business knowledge, which is a rare combination to find. Our Industry specialized analysts can help you reach the insights you need no matter how complex.

Data Warehousing Solutions

In addition to our, BI Book-hosted data pipelines we also have a large team of Data Engineers who can support you to build, manage and develop your own Azure-based data warehousing infrastructures. We also have Data architects available who can help you choose the rights stack.

Part-time and Interim Consulting

Missing someone from your team or in need of temporary resources for your team? We have profiles from several industries and at various cost grades, depending on the skillset. Resources from CFO, Cheif Data officer, Modern Business Controllers, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers.

Data Discovery

Give us access to your data and some time and we will generate a complete analysis of all insights available for your data. Customers have used this service to find outliers, identify thresholds, optimize existing businesses or find new customers to name a few usecases.

Financial Planning and Forecasting

Our group company has Northern Europe's largest CFO team that is also experienced in analytics. They can support you with Financial Planning and Forecasting issues. We even have a Budgeting model with real-time writeback abilities for Power BI datasets.

Our Advanced Power BI Services

Top-up training to advanced Power BI users

Are your analysts alone? We have supported 1000+ organizations with their Power BI implementations and know what it looks like when an analyst is going solo. We can provide top-up training, and model validation but also a network of like-minded Dax and Power BI "nerds" who are passionate about what's going on in the market. Tabular editor 3, ALM Toolkit, Power BI metadata, XMLA endpoints familiar? If not your team could increase efficiency if we could show you how!

Advanced Dax and M help

With Finland's first Power BI superuser, our team has the experience and track record to support you with your more complex Power BI needs. Complex data modeling, complicated DAX calculations, modifications, and visualizations are all areas where our consultants may assist your company

Custom Power BI visuals

Our team has the experience and a network of consultants available for building custom Power BI visuals that meet your business needs. Visuals often built are maps of areas, countries, and places that don't exist, Visualizations of different tools or funnels, custom branding, or extending Power BI:s features further than what is currently possible with Power BI.

Power BI Embeded Consulting

We are specialized in using Power BI without Power BI. The same experts that built BI Book can help you code your own Power BI embedded tools.

Power BI embeded White-Label portal

Our team can implement a Power BI white-label portal in your own environment where you can share reports to your end-users.