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BI Book x Pector

Published on
March 18, 2024
BI Book x Pector

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We are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Pector AB, a company that specializes in helping companies implement Visma’s ERP (like and Visma Business) systems and develop their businesses.

BI Book’s director of partnerships, Kenny Johansson, is excited about the partnership. It is a big strategic move and a step towards a shared future.

We decided to team up because we are both into shaking things up and growing. By putting our strengths together, we’re aiming to open up new possibilities and grab opportunities we couldn’t reach on our own.

The greatest partnerships help bring out the best in everybody involved and have a chance to create something new and unique (think Larry Page + Sergey Brin, John Lennon + Paul McCartney or Wayne Gretzky + Jari Kurri for example!). Kenny Johansson is expecting great things for both sides in the future.

I'm really pumped about this partnership. Both sides are bringing their A-game, and we're all in. We're looking ahead with high hopes—expecting a journey full of cool new ideas, growth for everyone involved, and a success story that's not your usual business tale.

The BI Book + Pector partnership will bring benefits for both companies’ customers in the future.

The best part of teaming up? We get to do more together. From reaching more folks in the market to using each other's know-how, this partnership is like turbocharging our abilities, making sure we can give our customers and fans something extra special.

Pector AB, a Swedish company, specializes incomprehensive business solutions. They offer services in business systems, system development, integration, and cloud solutions. As a dedicated partner, Pector assists businesses from initial needs analysis through implementation, training, and continuous business development. Their expertise lies in Visma business systems and financial programs. They help companies with system implementation and process optimization. Pector also develops various services and integrations to streamline administrative workflows. Their well-trained consultants work on a daily basis with business system-related questions and development.