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BI Book is built on Power BI.

BI Book was created to ease the deployment of Power BI, the most widely used analytics tool in the world. BI Book combines the deep knowledge of data analytics, business development, budgeting and IT.

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Power BI is the market leader.

Power BI has received many accolades, including winning Gartner's Leader & Visionary award many years in a row. It's a BI platform for all companies, that will scale to all their future needs.

The best part is, it gets better every day, partly thanks to it's massive online community.

It's easy to integrate and operate.

There are thousands of pre-built Power BI connectors available for no-code integrations. Power BI is built as an integrated part of Microsoft Power Platform, so it's super easy to use with oher Microsoft services.

Power BI is built for business users who are familiar with Excel. It's a self serviced, no-code platform, which means that it's easy to use also for non-technical users.

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Simo Parkkali

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