Power BI-based reporting through BI Book-platform!

BI Book offers a unique solution for financial reporting making it visual, easy-to-use, and shareable. Our product was built to handle and manage reports through any organization level by accessing one online portal. Even though BI Book is available for all assigned users in the organization, possibilities for views and edits are limited for some user groups if needed. BI Book is built on Microsoft Power BI, which enables report sharing also to other Business Intelligence software (e.g. Tableau or Qlik).

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Why BI Book?

BI Book is a user-friendly and scalable reporting tool, which offers not only built-in reports but the opportunity to customize, tailor, and create all reports needed in your organization. Imagine if all modifications could be made by an actual end-user, you - with BI Book it's possible! We have built many integrations to enrich reporting as much as possible. If you have any specific integration needs, please contact us to make your wish come true. If you prefer analyzing financial data in Excel, please note that all real-time data presented in the BI Book portal can be exported to Excel with a single click.

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