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We believe that together we are more. This is why we’re constantly looking for new partners to reach new markets and we offer a few exciting partnership models for maximum benefit.

The best partnerships make everyone perform better and grow faster.

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Experience the power of strategic partnership with BI Book

Through our partnership, we offer:

partner programs

Different partner programs for different situations.

We offer a range of different partner programs to suit the needs of partners from different backgrounds. Here are ways you can partner up with us:

  • Referral: The easiest way to start a partnership and get access to our partner ecosystem. Tell your customers about us and profit.
  • Reseller: Our co-operation gets deeper beyond shoutouts. You will get BI Book as part of your offering and elevate your customer experience higher. Talk about value-adding partnerships!
  • Integration: When your own technology could benefit from a best-in-class analytics software, we want to hear from you! Let's build bridges between our platforms to make our customers even happier.

We have already partnered up with companies like these:

People talk

In our quest to be a full-service supplier for our customers, it feels natural to enter into a partnership with one of the Nordic region's strongest BI suppliers. We look forward to working together to enable advanced BI deliveries for our customers who always have high demands and often have a complex IT infrastructure where data is scattered in a number of different systems and environments.

Lars Borglund

CEO, Pector