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Gain the competitive edge by identifying consumer behaviours, market trends and emerging opportunities faster.

For large companies and corporations, leading with data isn't just an advantage - it's a necessity for staying competitive, fostering innovation and sustaining long-term growth. BI Book supports companies on a strategic level in making better decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and managing finances effectively.

EnterpriseUse predictive analytics to stay ahead of the competition

Trusted by over 20% of all listed companies in Finland + companies around the globe


We use tech to support the transformation of finance.

We're in the business of helping companies make better decisions, that are based on data.

BI Book was created to ease the deployment of Power BI, the most widely used analytics tool in the world. BI Book combines the deep knowledge of data analytics, business development, budgeting and IT.

With BI Book, Power BI deployment happens with better quality, cost-efficiently and faster.


Unlock the Power of Business Intelligence

With our intuitive UI and powerful tools, you can easily create, edit and share Power BI reports in minutes.


Straightforward pricing for all companies

Our pricing is designed to enable data leadership for companies of all sizes.

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Flexible Pricing

Customize your pricing based on your usage and requirements.

Transparent Billing

No hidden fees or surprises. Know exactly what you're paying for.

Customize your experience

You can customize your BI Book experience via add-ons, like BI Book Planning, additional data connectors and your own custom branding!

Pricing plan

*Prices per month starting from. The final plan vary based on the turnover of the customer.

  • 1 premade data connector
  • 10 users
  • Modern data warehouse
  • Forms
  • Alerts
  • Crystal clear dashboards
  • In-depth financial analysis
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy report sharing
  • Basic support
  • Best-in class BI tool
  • Advanced securtiy features
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