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how-to's and faq's


Goodbye brain chaos. Hello answers to most asked questions.

With BI Book, you'll get:

  • 100+pre-built integrations to different systems and continuous maintenance
  • Pre-built data warehouse and continuous maintenance
  • Pre-built report templates for different systems and purposes
  • Multipurpose built-in budgeting / forecasting tool
  • BI Book API that supports OData allowing users to effortlessly query data located in BI Book’s data warehouse

But what else is there to know?

Most frequently asked questions

We don't have in-house data analysts. Can we still implement BI Book?

Yes you can! We can hook you up with one of our own data analysts for short (or long) term projects as an interim professional. After a while you'll see, that you have actually mastered using BI Book yourself, and don't need any external help or new hires. Win-win!

What is BI Book in a nutshell?

BI Book is a reporting and analytics software, that's built on Microsoft Power BI. BI Book enables companies of all sizes to collect their data in all of the systems they are using into a single platform for quick, easy and accurate reporting, analyzing, planning, budgeting etc.

How to get started?

Getting started is easy. After you've contacted us, we'll have a brief call to talk about your needs. We can then get you set up in even less than two weeks!

What are the risks of siloed data?

Data siloes occur when information is being kept in individual systems, databases or applications that aren't integrated with each other. In many organizations, various departments have different systems that they use to manage their data and do their work – for example, the finance department uses one system, HR another, and sales utilizes a third option. The result? Short-sightedness in decision-making, forecasting, and budgeting. The business leaders are given information from different departments that can contradict each other, because the proverbial right hand hadn't known what the left hand was doing.

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