Instructions for implementing BI Book on Netvisor

Deploying BI Book is very easy and risk-free. You can access BI Book from the Netvisor Store (requires Netvisor administrator rights) in minutes as follows:

  1. Log in Netvisor
  2. Go to Netvisor Store
  3. Click "Extensions" from the top bar (step 1)
  4. In the view that opens, select the Extensions tab (step 2)
  5. Activate BI Book by clicking on the "Active" button (step 3)
Activate Netvisor
Netvisor activation

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them at bibook@renance.com

Instructions for implementing BI Book on other systems

BI Book can integrated also with numerous other accounting, ERP, CRM, HR, consolidation, and marketing systems. Contact our support at bibook@renance.com and we will make the necessary settings. You will have access to BI Book just in a few business hours.

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