Get started with BI Book effortlessly!

Implementing BI Book on Netvisor

Deploying BI Book is very easy and risk-free. You can access BI Book from the Netvisor Store (requires Netvisor administrator rights) in minutes as follows:

  1. Log in Netvisor
  2. Go to Netvisor Store
  3. Click "Extensions" from the top bar (step 1)
  4. In the view that opens, select the Extensions tab (step 2)
  5. Activate BI Book by clicking on the "Active" button (step 3)
Activate Netvisor
Netvisor activation

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them at bibook@renance.com!

Implementing BI Book on Severa

Setting up BI Book is very easy for Severa users with these instructions.

1. Activate the new REST API by sending a message to Severa's support at severa.support@visma.com.

2. After signing the contract and accepting the terms of use, you will find Severa's Rest API in the Severa environment from the following spot:

Näin otat BI Bookin käyttöön Severassa

3. When the REST API section has been opened, click "Create client credentials" and fill in the following things:

  1. Integration target system -> BI Book
  2. Integration description -> BI Book Severa Reporting
  3. Contact person -> The logged-in user – automatically chosen
BI Bookin käyttöönotto Severa vaihe 3

4. Click “Select API scopes” and
choose all the scopes with ”:read”

  1. activities:read
  2. settings:read
  3. customers:read
  4. users:read
  5. invoices:read
  6. fees:read
  7. travels:read
  8. organization:read
  9. projects:read
  10. files:read
  11. hours:read
BI Bookin käyttöönotto Severa vaihe 4

5. Congrats, you now have all the needed information for activating BI Book. Copy this information so that you can use it in the later step of the BI Book activation.

BI Bookin käyttöönotto Visma Severa vaihe 5

6. Log in BI Book from our front page.

BI Bookin käyttöönotto Visma Severa vaihe 6

7. After logging in, click "integrations."

BI Bookin käyttöönotto Visma Severa vaihe 7

8. Click "Connect Service" next to Severa. Fill the opened fields with the information that you got earlier on step 5.

BI Bookin käyttöönotto Visma Severa vaihe 8
BI Bookin käyttöönotto Visma Severa vaihe 8

9. Thanks for activating BI Book! We will create a report for you now.

Instructions for implementing BI Book on other systems

Integrate BI Book with numerous other accounting, ERP, CRM, HR, consolidation, and marketing systems. Contact our support at bibook@renance.com, and we will make the necessary settings. You will have access to BI Book just in a few business hours.

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