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Case Frosmo: Easier and visually clearer reporting with BI Book

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Frosmo is an international technology and software company that offers its customers market-leading personalization software. Their unique and effective solution is particularly suitable for e-commerce businesses. About a year ago, Frosmo deployed the BI Book reporting tool to get more visual and automated reporting to support its business.

In the video, Frosmo's CFO and HR director Timo Eräkangas tells how BI Book has made their monthly reporting easier. Watch the video and read the story!

Before the implementation of BI Book, Frosmo's reporting was mainly done using NetSuite's standard reports, Google Sheets, or Excel. However, the fast-paced international business required a tool that would always provide the company with up-to-date information to support decision-making. The tool was also hoped to free up employees' time from manually building reports to activities that generate more added value. Frosmo's CFO and HR Director Timo Eräkangas studied different solutions on the market and ended up choosing BI Book.

"We deployed the BI Book analytics tool about a year ago, and it turned out to be an excellent decision. It allows us to analyze our business from different points of view in a more modern and automated way," says Timo Eräkangas, Frosmo's CFO and HR director.

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Reporting tailored to individual needs

One of the advantages of BI Book is that it can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of companies. Frosmo uses BI Book primarily to support the NetSuite ERP system. Together with BI Book's experienced data analysts, Frosmo has built a modern reporting and analytics package that fits their needs exactly.

"Together with the BI Book team, we have developed the right kind of modern reporting and analytics package for our needs. From the results so far, it can be concluded that it has significantly helped our business in terms of KPIs, metrics, and other reporting needs," says Timo.

Up-to-date data always at hand

Timo uses BI Book in several different formats. He says it significantly reduces the time spent on reporting, as up-to-date data is automatically updated to the reports.

"BI Book has also been a significant additional help in communication in different forums. It has brought clarity to board reporting, internal reporting aimed at personnel, and management work. With BI Book, reporting is easier, faster, and visually clearer," Timo sums up.

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Customer-oriented data analysts supporting the project

Timo says that the BI Book's implementation went quickly and smoothly. According to him, the cooperation has been fruitful from the beginning.

"We have always received customer-oriented and agile service that suits our business. With BI Book's team, we can always ensure that the agreed matters will be carried out with high quality, and flexibly as needed. I also appreciate their modern approach to entrepreneurship and business. I can warmly recommend them to others as well!" Timo continues.

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