Power BI Embedded

BI Book is the most cost efficient and easiest way to embed Power BI reports on the market.

Don't use Power BI Embedded without first trying out BI Book

BI Book pools the capacity and resources of hundreds of companies, saving you time, money, and maintenance while increasing security.


  • Extremely low cost
  • No maintenance
  • No coding skills in bibook.com
  • Low coding skills on your own website.
  • Customized branding and layout
  • Optimized Azure capacity consumption

We provide no-cost sparring sessions on how to optimize or get started with Power BI Embedded, so just reach out!

Feature details:

Publish an unlimited amount of reports

Share as many reports as needed, without having to worry about maintenance.

Share to as many users as you want

Share to as you want to as many users as you want! You can share reports to a few or a thousand suppliers, clients or collaborators without the need for costly Power BI licenses.

Consume capacity just the way you want to

We host a vast amount of Power BI infrastructure on our Power BI Premium capacity, and would like nothing more than to share our capacity with you. The way you want to optimize our capacity is completely tailored to you

Security and Privacy

BI Book supports both Microsoft and Google authentication according to your organizations own security policies. User security is assured by limiting sharing capabilities securely to just what you would like to allow.

BI Book also supports up to 4 row-level security parameters on all data:

  • Portal access: Users can only access the portals they have access to
  • Report access: Users can only access the reports they want to (Read, Edit, or Share rights separately)
  • Row Level Roles: Users only have access to the rows of data in the reports allowed to the role they are in
  • Row Level User: Users only access the specific rows tagged to the user.
Easy management

Admin users can easily manage all aspects like user rights, report look and feel, billing and security features.