AARO + Power BI

Automate your AARO group reporting easily and cost-effectively with BI Book!

AARO group reporting with BI Book

BI Book in a nutshell

  • Automates AARO group reporting - makes real-time, up-to-date Power BI reports easily and cost-effectively from AARO's data.
  • Integrating AARO into BI Book allows you to present dynamic reports visually and drill down to figures down to the document level.
  • BI Book makes it easy to share reports with different user rights - share viewing and editing rights for different users and groups.

Boost your AARO reporting with BI Book

By integrating AARO consolidation system with Power BI, you get effectively depth to your data. BI Book is the easiest way to integrate AARO and Power BI reporting. With BI Book, you can effortlessly automate your AARO group reporting and get more dynamic and visually clear reports. This allows you to focus on analyzing reports made of AARO's data instead of building them.

Our BI team has years of experience in group reporting and an extensive understanding of what group companies need for their reporting. BI Book is built with solid financial management and group reporting expertise to meet these needs. We are experienced in building Power BI reporting smoothly on top of AARO. Deploying BI Book is easy and offers several ways to implement the integration.

BI Book makes it easy to share and manage reports. In BI Book, you can edit the views and contents of your reports with few clicks.

Benefits of BI Book in AARO 

  1. BI Book enables modern and automated group reporting from AARO's data.
  2. Instead of Excels, you get visually clear and dynamic group reports from AARO's data. You can customize the report views exactly the way you want with few clicks.
  3. By integrating AARO into BI Book, anyone in your organization can build, access, and share reports with different permissions - you can limit which parts of the reports others will see.
  4. Integrating AARO into BI Book saves time - instead of building group reports, you can focus entirely on analyzing them.
  5. BI Book reporting tool combines the whole group reporting into one presenting portal. In addition to AARO group reporting, you can also combine the reporting of your other systems into the same portal. Read more about the other integrations.
  6. By integrating AARO into BI Book, you can drill deeper into the data and compare it easily.
  7. With the AARO-BI Book integration, you can effectively compare turnover and profitability between the dimensions of the entire group (e.g., product lines, cities).
  8. The report data is updated nearly in near real-time.
  9. Power BI licenses for as many users as needed.

The pricing of BI Book -service is based on a company-specific revenue and is charged monthly. This includes automated data transfer through the integration we have built and maintaining and updating entry-level BI reporting.

Getting started (AARO + BI Book)

If you are interested in modern and more efficient AARO group reporting, please contact us via the form below! You can also book a free BI Book demo by using the same form. In the demo, we will show you how BI Book works with AARO.

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