Dealfront + Power BI

BI Book brings your Dealfront (formerly Leadfeeder) data into life, helping to boost your website and generate higher-quality leads!

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BI Book in a nutshell

  • Automates reporting - makes real-time, up-to-date Power BI reporting easy and cost-effectively from Dealfront data.
  • Integrating Dealfront into BI Book allows you to present dynamic reports visually and drill deep down to figures.
  • BI Book-Dealfront integration makes it easy to share reports with different user rights - share viewing and editing rights for different users and groups.

Boost Dealfront analytics with BI Book

Dealfront effectively gathers information about which companies have visited your website, where they ended up there, and which products are the most interesting to them. Dealfront also provides a lot of data on customers' purchasing paths. Properly processed, this large amount of Dealfront data will help you to streamline your website and generate higher-quality leads. 

However, despite all its good features, Dealfront, when used alone, does not directly provide information about how relevant the company that visited your website is to you. By combining Dealfront with BI Book, you get more comprehensive website analytics. For example, BI Book allows you to combine data from multiple systems into a single report. By combining, for example, both Vainu and Dealfront into BI Book, you get direct information about the size of the companies that have visited your website regarding turnover.

BI Book automatically visualizes data from Dealfront and other systems into dynamic reports using Power BI. BI Book makes it easy to edit, share, and manage reports made of Dealfront and other sources' data. In BI Book, reports can be easily viewed and edited on any device. Logging in to BI Book is done through a browser by using either a Microsoft or Google account.

Benefits of BI Book in Dealfront

  1. Enables modern and automated reporting of Dealfront data.
  2. Integrating Dealfront into BI Book helps you filter genuinely relevant leads for your business from the data collected by Dealfront and provides more comprehensive website analytics.
  3. With the BI Book-Dealfront integration, you can easily track the performance of your various campaigns. You can also track other important metrics such as channel customers come to your website, which products interest them the most, and how long they spend time on your website.
  4. You get visually clear and dynamic reports which are made from Dealfront data. You can customize the report views easily, exactly the way you want, at the touch of a button.
  5. Integrating Dealfront into BI Book makes it easier to manage and share reports with others with different permissions - you can limit which part of each report others will see.
  6. BI Book-Dealfront integration saves time - instead of creating reports, you can focus on analyzing the ready-made reports.
  7. The report data is updated in near real-time.
  8. We acquire Power BI licenses for you for as many users as needed.
  9. You can also combine data from your other systems with Dealfront data for more accurate analytics. For example, you can easily combine the data provided by Vainu and Dealfront in BI Book. With this integration, you can quickly see the turnover of companies that have visited your website.

Getting started with the BI Book-Dealfront integration

If you are interested in modern and more efficient Dealfront reporting, please contact us via the form below! You can also book a free BI Book demo by using the same form. In the demo, we will show you how BI Book works. 

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