HubSpot + Power BI

Track the development of sellers, number of contacts, and value of sales efficiently by combining HubSpot into BI Book!

Hubspot Power BI integration

BI Book in a nutshell

Boost your HubSpot reporting with BI Book

HubSpot CRM is a completely free customer relationship management system. HubSpot CRM enables, e.g., effective monitoring of leads, sales pipeline, and customer communications. BI Book brings your HubSpot sales data to life and provides sales management with precious sales statistics. 

HubSpot provides a lot of useful data on customer relationship management, and BI Book analyzes this data in real-time for you. With BI Book, you can automate your Hubspot reporting effortlessly, resulting in more dynamic and visually clear reports. In addition, BI Book makes it easy to share and manage reports made of Hubspot data. In BI Book, you can seamlessly edit the views and contents of your reports with a few clicks.

By combining BI Book with HubSpot, you save time on sales reporting and can focus on the sales and development itself. BI Book enables filtering HubSpot's sales data by various factors, for example, on a case-by-case or seller-by-seller basis.

Benefits of BI Book in HubSpot

1. Enables modern and automated HubSpot reporting. 

2. By integrating HubSpot into BI Book, you get visually clear and dynamic reports. The report views can be customized exactly the way you want with few clicks.

3. The HubSpot-BI Book integration makes it easier to manage and share reports with others - you can limit which parts of the reports others will see. 

4. Integrating HubSpot into BI Book saves time - instead of making sales reports from HubSpot data, you can focus on analyzing the ready-made reports.

5. The HubSpot-BI Book integration enables you to view an individual customer relationship as closely as you like. You get a comprehensive picture of your company's biggest / most important customers and can dive into what is being sold to them. BI Book allows you to view the number, types, development, and profitability of all products and services for sale in one view. For example, you can filter data by the seller and share only the part of your report that concerns him or her.

6. With the HubSpot-BI Book integration, you will be able to compare customer relationship management and profitability between the dimensions of your organization. (e.g., products, cities).

7. Report data is updated in near real-time.

8. Power BI licenses for as many users as needed.

9. In addition to HubSpot reporting, you can also combine your other systems' reporting into the same portal. Read more about the other integrations.

The pricing of BI Book -service is based on a company-specific revenue and is charged monthly. This includes automated data transfer through the integration we have built and maintaining and updating entry-level BI reporting.

How to get started (BI Book + HubSpot )

If you are interested in modern and more efficient HubSpot reporting, please contact us via the form below! You can book a free BI Book demo by using the same form. In the demo, we will show you how BI Book works with HubSpot. 

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