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Mepco Power BI integration

BI Book in a nutshell

Boost your Mepco reporting with BI Book

Mepco is one of the most widely used HR and payroll systems in Finland. However, like other HR systems, Mepco offers relatively little analytics related to the metrics that HR typically monitors. By integrating BI Book with Mepco, you can effectively visualize and automate many of the indicators tracked by HR, such as changes in headcount, the average length of employment, and many indicators related to sick leaves. 

With the help of BI Book, these HR indicators can also be combined and analyzed together with other indicators (e.g., finance). BI Book provides more dynamic and visually clear reports from Mepco data. The reports can be easily edited and shared with a few clicks in BI Book. 

Benefits of BI Book in Mepco

1. BI Book enables modern and automated HR and payroll reporting from Mepco data. 

2. By integrating Mepco into BI Book, you get visually clear and dynamic reports instead of traditional Excels. You can customize the report views precisely the way you want with a few clicks. 

3. The Mepco-BI Book integration makes it easier to manage and share reports with others with different permissions - you can limit which part of each report people can see.

4. Integrating Mepco into BI Book saves time - instead of creating reports from Mepco data, you can focus entirely on analyzing them.

5. The Mepco-BI Book integration enables efficient visualization and automation of the indicators monitored by HR - you can conveniently monitor, for example, changes in the number of employees, turnover, the average length of employment, salary development, and indicators related to sick leaves.

6. HR indicators can be combined and analyzed together with other indicators (e.g., finance) in BI Book.

7. Report data is updated near real-time.

8. BI licenses for as many users as needed.

The pricing of BI Book -service is based on company-specific revenue and is charged monthly. It includes automated data transfer through the Mepco integration we have built and maintaining and updating entry-level BI reporting.

Getting started (Mepco + BI Book)

If you are interested in modern and more efficient Mepco reporting, please get in touch with us via the form below! You can also book a free 30 minutes demo via the same form. In the demo, we show how BI Book works with Mepco.

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