Nepton + Power BI

BI Book brings Nepton data to life and turns it into visualized and easy-to-read reports!

Nepton Power BI integration

BI Book in a nutshell:

  • Integrating Nepton into BI Book allows you to present dynamic reports visually and drill deep down to figures.
  • BI Book makes it easy to share reports made of Nepton data with different user rights - share viewing and editing rights for different users and groups.

An example of how BI Book can visualize data from Nepton and other systems: 

Nepton + Power BI

Boost your Nepton reporting with BI Book

Nepton is one of the most widely used working time monitoring systems in Finland. However, Nepton does not offer wide possibilities to get pre-visualized reports from Nepton data despite all the good features. By combining Nepton with BI Book, you can easily get pre-visualized reports from Nepton data.

The BI Book reporting tool is an easy and cost-effective way to integrate Nepton with Power BI and other analytics tools such as Qlik, Tableau, Looker, Excel, or Google Data Studio. Deploying analytics tools often requires the help of BI experts, the creation of own data warehouse, and report templates.

With BI Book, you get all the core benefits of Power BI without these initial investments. In addition, BI Book provides Nepton users with the pre-built data warehouse to use Power BI and other analytics tools.

You can also use pre-built report templates for Nepton data or create entirely new reports. BI Book retrieves real-time data from Nepton and other systems you use and converts the data into visual reports. 

Combine data from Nepton and 50 other systems

The BI Book tool makes it possible to combine data from all systems used in an organization into unified reports. With BI Book, you can combine data from, for example, Nepton, payroll and HR systems, accounting systems, and 50 other systems.

The app retrieves data from systems once a night, providing reports with up-to-date data. You can watch and edit the reports with any smart device.

Share all the reports easily

With BI Book, you can easily customize, edit, and improve all the reports in your organization with just a few clicks. The tool allows you to distribute reports to the team and other groups (partners, customers, board, etc.) with different user rights. With BI Book, you can control what part of your reports others see and whether they can edit the reports. 

Benefits of BI Book in Nepton

1. Combining Nepton with BI Book provides visually clear and dynamic reports. In addition, you can customize the report views exactly the way you want with few clicks.

2. BI Book enables modern and automated reporting of data from Nepton and 50 other systems.

3. The report data is updated almost in real-time, enabling, for example, accurate monitoring of invoicing and operational productivity.

4. Combining Nepton with BI Book makes it easier to manage and share reports with others - you can limit which parts of the reports others will see.

5. Integrating Nepton into BI Book saves your time - instead of making reports, you can focus on analyzing the ready-made reports.

6. The clear graphs provided by BI Book make it easier to locate incomplete information.

7. In addition to Nepton reporting, you can also combine the reporting of your other systems into the same portal. Read more about the benefits of other integrations.

8. Power BI licenses for as many users as needed.

How to get started (Nepton + BI Book)

If you are interested in modern and more efficient Nepton reporting, please contact us via the form below! You can also book a free demo by using the same form. In the demo, we show how BI Book works.

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