QuickBooks + Power BI

BI Book automates modern and dynamic BI reporting into QuickBooks - no more wasting time retrieving numbers and monthly reporting!

QuickBook Power BI integration

BI Book in a nutshell

  • Automates financial reporting - makes real-time, up-to-date Power BI reporting easily and cost-effectively from QuickBooks data.
  • Integrating QuickBooks into BI Book allows you to present dynamic reports visually and drill down to figures down to the document level.
  • BI Book makes it easy to share reports made of QuickBooks data with different user rights - share viewing and editing rights for different users and groups.

An example balance sheet view from BI Book

QuickBooks Power BI integration

Boost your QuickBooks reporting with BI Book

QuickBooks is an accounting system widely used in the United States. QuickBooks is particularly well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses. Like other accounting systems, QuickBooks generates a lot of data from various transactions. Power BI is a great tool for easily generating valuable information from these large masses of QuickBooks data to support your business.

With Power BI, data can be retrieved from several different systems and combined into reports as desired. Effective deployment and customization of Power BI often require the assistance of BI experts as well as the acquisition of Power BI licenses and the construction of a data warehouse. BI Book was created to facilitate and make this integration of Quickbooks and Power BI more cost-effective. BI Book provides you the Power BI licenses and ready-built data warehouse. 

BI Book is the easiest way to integrate QuickBooks into Power BI or other analytics tools like Qlik, Tableau, Looker, Excel, or Google Data Studio. BI Book automatically generates Power BI reports for you and acts as a presentation portal.  BI Book provides you with more dynamic and pre-visualized reports from QuickBooks data. The ready-made reports from QuickBooks data can be easily managed and shared with others in BI Book. BI Book is also always customized to serve the needs of the local accounting law.

Benefits of BI Book in QuickBooks

  1. Enables modern and automated QuickBooks reporting.
  2. By integrating QuickBooks into BI Book, you get visually clear and dynamic reports whose views can be customized exactly the way you want at one click.
  3. With the QuickBooks-BI Book integration, anyone in your organization can build, access, and share reports with different permissions- you can limit which parts of the reports others will see.
  4. Integrating QuickBooks into BI Book saves time- instead of building reports, you can focus entirely on analyzing them.
  5. The QuickBooks-BI Book integration enables effective monitoring of the development of income and expenses of business areas over a selected period.
  6. The QuickBooks-BI Book integration enables a rolling or cumulative review of net sales and earnings - a reliable comparison of net sales even during strong seasonal fluctuations.
  7. By integrating QuickBooks into BI Book, you can compare turnover and profitability between the dimensions of your organization (e.g., product lines, cities).
  8. The QuickBooks-BI Book integration allows you to view individual customer relationships with the resolution you want.
  9. Report data is updated in near real-time.
  10. Power BI licenses for as many users as necessary.
  11. In addition to QuickBooks reporting, you can also combine the reporting of your other systems into the same portal. Read more about the benefits of other integrations.

An example P & L view from BI Book

QuikBooks Power BI Integration (P & L)

The pricing of BI Book -service is based on a company-specific revenue and is charged monthly. This includes automated data transfer through the integration we have built and maintaining and updating entry-level BI reporting.

Getting started (QuickBooks)

If you are interested in modern and more efficient QuickBooks reporting, please contact us via the form below! You can also book a free demo via the same form. In the demo, we show how BI Book works with QuickBooks.

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