Boost your Vilkas e-commerce with BI Book reporting tool! Track easily the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and which products sell the best!

Vilkas Power BI integration

BI Book in a nutshell

  • Automates Vilkas reporting - makes real-time, up-to-date Power BI reporting easy and cost-effective
  • Allows you to present dynamic reports in visual form and drill down to figures down to the document level
  • Makes it easy to share reports with different user rights - share viewing and editing rights for different users and groups

Boost your Vilkas reporting with BI Book

Vilkas is an e-commerce platform that offers its users a wide range of different marketing solutions. Vilkas collects a lot of useful data for example about e-commerce visitors, products, and orders. BI Book is able to serve the processing of this data in a multidisciplinary way and turn it into dynamics reports. 

By combining BI Book with Vilkas, you can keep a closer eye on what works in your online store and where there is still room for improvement. With BI Book, you can effectively track, for example, which products sell the most, how many visitors convert into sales and analyze the effectiveness of different campaigns.

BI Book automatically generates dynamic and visually clear reports for you from Vilkas data. The reports are updated in near real-time and you can easily customize them to suit your needs. You can also combine the reporting of your other systems with BI Book, so you can find all your company's reports in one presentation portal and conveniently share them with different permissions.

Benefits of BI Book in Vilkas

1. Enables modern and automated Vilkas reporting

2. You can effectively analyze the profitability of different marketing campaigns and follow the trend of the average order

3. Improves the tracking of marketing costs - for example, you can track how much money is lost by providing different promotional codes for customers and how much they have generated more sales

4. Makes it easier to track traffic in your e-commerce. You will get valuable information about visitors, orders, and products

5. You can easily follow how different products link to each other

6. Makes it easier to manage and share reports with others with different permissions - you can limit which part of reports others will see

7. Saves time on reporting - instead of making reports, you can focus entirely on analyzing them

8. You can also combine the reporting of your other systems with BI Book, so you can track, for example, your accounting reports alongside your Vilkas reports in one presentation portal

9. You can drill deeper into the data and compare it easily

10. Report data is updated in real-time

The pricing of BI Book -service is based on a company-specific turnover and is charged on a monthly basis. This includes automated data transfer through the integration we have built, as well as maintaining and updating entry-level BI reporting.

Getting started (Vilkas + BI Book):

If you are interested in modern and more efficient Vilkas reporting, please contact us! You can also book a free demo from the link below. In the demo, we show how BI Book works.

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