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BI Book - better business decisions based on real-time data

Published on
March 8, 2021
BI Book - better business decisions based on real-time data

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Business Intelligence (BI) enables effortless and real-time reporting. Always up-to-date data allows you to make better decisions every day to support your business. In this article, we'll show you how you can boost your reporting with Power BI.

Compiling various reports takes dozens of valuable working hours each month, which could be saved with Business Intelligence (BI). BI Book reporting tool is built on Microsoft Power BI and it provides you with all the key reports and financial figures of your business in real-time.

Many people are used to first print the report from different systems and then tapping the same data into Excel. It can take almost a week before this work is done. One of the biggest advantages of BI Book in comparison to traditional Excel reporting is the ease of updating data.

The underlying Power BI models and the data behind them are automatically updated with the latest data every night. This ensures up-to-date reporting and figures as well as time-saving for the user. Direct system integration automatically extracts the latest data, updating it in reports. Consequently, the human errors associated with manual work are also reduced.

Example from BI Book's balance sheet view:

Balance sheet example

Always up-to-date reports with one click

New entries, deletions, and edits are constantly made in accounting and other organizational functions, so it is possible to update reports in BI Book with one click whenever you want. With BI Book, you can also conveniently share and manage your reports. Learn more about how reports are shared in BI Book.

We believe that reporting should be as easy as possible for all companies and we offer an opportunity to book a 30 minutes free sparring session with our data analyst. Book a free demo below and let's discuss how to streamline reporting. When booking the demo, please tell us what systems are you using in your organization.