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How does Power BI boost NetSuite reporting?

Published on
March 23, 2022
How does Power BI boost NetSuite reporting?

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Connecting NetSuite with Power BI brings several benefits for reporting and decision-making. Power BI presents, for example, NetSuite's data automatically with visual dashboards and enables creating individual metrics for the reports. Instead of generating key figures, you can focus entirely on analyzing them and developing your business.

NetSuite is one of the leading systems in the ERP market because it efficiently combines all the business functions into a single business platform. Of course, the amounts of data it produces are also massive. For the full potential of NetSuite to be realized, the data must be processed into a format that is easy to analyze and understand. The majority of companies integrate NetSuite with some BI tool for this purpose.

Combining Power BI with NetSuite brings numerous benefits, such as versatile data visualization capabilities, building custom metrics for your business needs, and the ability to make decisions based on the most up-to-date data.

However, the deployment of BI tools traditionally requires coding skills, building and maintaining your own data warehouse, creating report templates, and obtaining the necessary licenses to use BI tools. BI Book reporting tool saves its users from these costly and time-consuming operations and allows connecting NetSuite to Power BI in minutes.

6 reasons to connect NetSuite to Power BI with BI Book

With BI Book, you get access to all the features of Power BI and much more without having to create and maintain your own data warehouse and report templates. We will also obtain the Power BI licenses required to use Power BI on your behalf at a much lower cost than if an individual company went to acquire them themselves.

BI Book is an easy-to-use reporting platform that does not require users to have previous experience of using Power BI. Learn more about how BI Book enables BI reporting without high initial investments.

BI Book's NetSuite integration has been developed with experienced data analysts and NetSuite experts to support Netsuite effectively.

Connect NetSuite easily with Power BI

Board-ready reports automatically

BI Book retrieves reportable data from NetSuite and presents it automatically using visual dashboards. In BI Book, reports can be easily created and edited with a few clicks for different target groups. With BI Book, you can also easily get board-ready reports, for example, and customized balance sheets and income statements from NetSuite data. BI Book makes it possible to present the reported data with various graphs, figures, and maps.

Drill deep into NetSuite data

BI Book's reports allow for in-depth drilling into NetSuite data. You can view reports both at the group and subsidiary level and by cost centers. You will be able to drill down to the report figures up to the document level. Learn more about how to drill down to report data in BI Book.

Build custom metrics

By integrating NetSuite with BI Book, you can build a variety of metrics to suit your business needs. In BI Book, you can easily create different variations from the metrics. You can add, for, example rolling averages. In BI Book, unnecessary data can be filtered using various filters. The user can set, delete and edit them freely.  Thus, metrics can be varied and compiled as desired for reports.

Add forecasts and various alerts

In addition to the data to be reported, BI Book allows you to add various forecasts and budgets to BI Book using Excel, for example. It allows you to look at the realities alongside the set goals and forecasts. You can also set alarms for critical metrics that will notify you immediately if there is a critical change in the values ​​for that meter.

Easily share and manage reports in a single portal

BI Book combines reporting from all your software into a single portal and allows creating an unlimited amount of different reports. The report sharing happens by managing different user rights. You can narrow down which report or part of it everyone can see. You can also choose whether that person can only view the report or also edit it.

BI Book users can edit, view, and share reports, on any smart device. The reports are also updated every night, so you can always be sure you have the latest and most up-to-date version of the reports at your disposal.

Spot gaps in data quickly

BI Book allows you to quickly identify any gaps in the reported data or if someone has accidentally filled in incorrect information to NetSuite. BI Book leads organizations towards a data-driven culture and encourages people to ensure that NetSuite's information is always up to date. It, in turn, allows for a reliable comparison of data over time and helps to make decisions based on quality data.