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Case studies
2 min read

Prove's experiences from BI Book

Published on
March 3, 2021
Prove's experiences from BI Book


Area of business
Software testing
Company size
20-49 employees
New sense of control over the business management and key business figures.

Antti Niittyviita from Prove says that BI Book gave him a whole new sense of control over the business management. In this article, Niittyviita tells his experience from using BI Book.

Prove is a software testing company from Oulu. "I always say that we are mental health workers of the software industry because everyone from the developer to the user is just so much happier when the software works", tells Prove's CEO Antti Niittyviita.

Prove has been a customer of Greenstep's accounting services for about a year and a half now. Once the accounting work was completed, consideration was given on how to make better business decisions based on those numbers.

The matter was explored together with Greenstep and Prove decided to try BI Book reporting tool. "It gives me glasses to take a deeper look at business and important numbers from different perspectives. At the same time, it gives our business management a great dashboard view of all the most critical things," Niittyviita says.

"BI Book has given me a whole new sense of having control over the business management. I feel that those critical figures for the company: income statements, balance sheets, cash flows... are perhaps for the first time in my 15 years of entrepreneurial career properly controlled and at my fingertips."