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Share all your reports easily with BI Book!

Published on
August 4, 2021
Share all your reports easily with BI Book!

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Tired of using dozens of valuable working hours for making Excel reports manually and looking for them from the full mailbox?

Reporting is often a laborious and time-consuming process that has traditionally been accomplished by using Excel. The process begins by printing a report from accounting or other systems. After printing data, the report figures are manually transferred to Excel. At this point, it may have been a week since the report was printed, and there may be several different versions of Excel. The question of version control arises. Is the latest version of the report running? And who has it?

After this, the completed report is published and distributed to various parties. The management team may have suggestions for changes and more and more versions of the report will be accumulated. How do you know if two days ago sent Excel report is the most up-to-date version?

Sharing reports in BI Book is very easy

BI Book reporting tool combines the reporting of all your systems into one presentation portal and saves you from this Excel tapping and sharing hassle. With BI Book, you can easily see up-to-date reports through a browser. Logging into BI Book is done through either a Microsoft or Google account.

In addition to viewing reports, BI Book makes it easy to create, edit, and delete your own reports with just a few clicks. The user is also able to import new sources of information desired. It is easy to restrict the information that other users will see, for example, sellers can be restricted to see only their own sales figures.

With BI Book, it is possible to grant for example only viewing rights to certain levels of the organization or outside it. This enables our customers to develop their reporting even more dynamically and bring it closer to their own business.

Different user roles of BI Book

Admin: The user is able to manage the BI Book environment. User can add users, modify user rights and take advantage of integration features.

Reader: The user will be able to browse the reports and edit them if the admin has given them the rights.

How does sharing work in practice?

To share reports, click "Company management" in the top bar of the BI Book view. The reports can be then managed and shared with different people by clicking "Invite User" and selecting the email of the person to be invited. You can also give either admin or reader rights of your choice for the invited user. The users you invited will receive an email stating that you have shared the report with them.

BI Book user management

Read more about BI Book and book a free 30 min demo where you can discuss more with our data analyst on how to streamline your reporting process.