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Shortcut to BI reporting

Published on
April 5, 2022
Shortcut to BI reporting

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BI reporting enables monitoring of the entire business in real-time and minimizes the risk of human error. BI's benefits for business are enormous, and it can be deployed at best in a few days without expensive deployment costs.

Typically, companies have several systems for different purposes, and all of them require reporting. That means hundreds, if not thousands, of wasted hours for creating reports. All those hours could be saved with BI and used for more value-adding tasks. Another challenge of traditional Excel reporting concerns updating the reports. If the report demands manual updating, the critical business decisions are made most likely based on the data at the time the report has been generated.

Moving data manually from one place to another always also increases the risk of human error. The cost of wrongly entered data can be very high when it distorts the reporting a long time before someone notices it. This danger decreases significantly when BI tools gather data from the target systems and convert it automatically into visual reports.

BI reporting enhances organizations' everyday life in several ways. However, building the needed data warehouse and integrations between chosen BI tool and target systems and BI report templates gives grey hairs for many people responsible for analytics. It is a fallacy that you should build all these from the start by yourself. You can deploy BI reporting even in days instead of months by leveraging existing solutions, such as pre-built integrations, data warehouse, and report templates. These pre-built solutions also help to decrease the costs of the project.

Shortcut to BI reporting

BI Book - an easy way to gain quality analytics

BI Book reporting and analytics tool was created to facilitate the deployment of Power BI. It allows more than 50 systems to be connected to Power BI and other analytics tools without having your own data warehouse, coding skills, and months of deployment projects. The tool does not require any previous experience with Power BI from its users.

With BI Book, hundreds of customers worldwide have accessed high-quality analytics without heavy deployment projects in a matter of weeks or even days. They do not have to worry either about maintaining the reporting because we do it for them.

Report templates developed by experienced data analysts to drive your business

BI Book provides its users with a number of pre-designed report templates for different systems. The templates can be agilely customized to meet the individual needs of organizations. Metrics and visuals can be easily added by the users. Reports can also be customized to match your visual brand image.

Here are some examples of the interactive report dashboard made in BI Book:

Sales data

BI reporting sales

BI reporting sales data

Project data

BI reporting project dashboard

Sharing Power BI reports within 20 seconds in and outside your organization

People who have worked on Power BI know that sharing Power BI reports outside the organization is one of the biggest mysteries of the analytics world, and there seems to be no answer on how to do it. However, as a result of thousands of hours of development, our data analysts have managed to stretch the boundaries of Power BI so that BI Book enables sharing the reports to stakeholders outside the organization in 20 seconds.

In BI Book, all you have to do is enter the recipient's email address and click the "Share Report" button. During the submission phase, you can also choose whether the recipient can only view the reports or also edit them. After submitting a report, the recipient can easily see the reports you have shared with them by logging in to BI Book with their Microsoft or Google accounts. The recipient of the report does not need their own Power BI or BI Book licenses, even if they are outside the organization.

BI Book retrieves the latest data once a night from the systems you use, so you don't have to worry about updating the reports or managing the different versions of reports.

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