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Fortnox + Power BI

Connect all your Fortnox data automatically to our visually powerful, yet simple, platform with just a few clicks. BI Book makes it easy to share and manage your reports with all necessary stakeholders. You can get started quickly without your own data warehouse, coding skills and high deployment costs!


BI Book makes Power BI deployments faster and more cost-efficient.

Pre-built integrations, data warehouses and report templates save a lot of money and time, and a solid monthly fee includes maintaining it all. You don't need expensive Power BI licences for yourself, thanks to BI Book's Premium capacity.


Deploy BI reporting within days instead of months.

BI Book collects all your reports into one portal and enables editing and sharing them in minutes for different user groups.

You can access all the Power BI’s standard features + additional extra features without your own data warehouse, high implementation costs and coding skills.

Real time reporting

All the data, reported in real-time. This enables, for example, accurate monitoring of invoicing and operational productivity.

See beyond the numbers

Turn complicated data into clear visual dashboards. Admire the big picture or drill down to the single document level – everything is possible.

In-depth analysis

Retrieve data from all your systems and collect it to one portal for in-depth insights of your business. Turn complicated data into clear visual dashboards. Admire the big picture or drill down to the single document level – everything is possible.

Use the force of automation

Reporting, budgeting and forecasting key business figures can actually be quick and easy, thanks to the robust automation capabilities of BI Book. Producing information automatically reduces the workload of the organisation by reducing ad hoc analysis, clears uncertainty and turns ineffective processes effective.

Financial forecasting and budgeting

Revolutionize your budgeting and forecasting game with BI Book's Planning tool! Leverage continuously up-to-date data to plan and forecast your budgets with surgical precision. Save time and effort by calculating future budget and scenario proposals automatically. Fuse data streams and foster seamless teamwork.


BI Book was made for people like you. Easily navigate and utilize Power BI Reports with BI Book and its intuitive and user-friendly interface. You will get all the benefits without knowing a single line of code.

Getting started

Fortnox + BI Book

If you're interested in implementing the best and most versatile BI reporting tool for Fortnox, you can contact us using the form below. You can also book a more comprehensive BI Book demo from the same form, and we'll show you how well BI Book works with Fortnox.

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