Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Power BI

Combine Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Power BI without own data warehouse, coding skills and expensive deployment costs - with BI Book, you succeed!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

BI Book in a nutshell

  • BI Book provides an easy and cost-effective way to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Power BI.
  • Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into BI Book allows you to present dynamic reports visually and drill deep down to figures.
  • BI Book combines all reports into a single presentation portal and makes it easy to share and manage them with different user rights.

Boost your Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting with BI Book

Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings together marketing, sales management, and customer service. BI Book provides a handy way to present this Microsoft Dynamics CRM data automated for visual dashboards using Power BI. It allows you to get data as easy-to-read visuals instead of just numbers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a lot of valuable data about customer relationship management, and BI Book analyzes this data for you. By integrating BI Book with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you save time on reporting and can focus on managing and developing customer relationships. BI Book enables you to filter Microsoft Dynamics CRM data by various factors, such as case or sales person.

In addition to dynamic and visually clear reports, BI Book makes it easy to share and manage reports made from Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. In BI Book, you can seamlessly edit the report views and contents with a few clicks.

Combine data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 50 other systems

The BI Book tool makes it possible to combine data from all software used in an organization into unified reports. With BI Book, you can combine data from, for example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, accounting systems, and 50 other software.

The app retrieves data from softwares once a night, providing reports with up-to-date data. You can watch and edit the reports with any smart device.

BI Book's benefits for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users

  1. You can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Power BI without the need to build and maintain your own data warehouse, coding skills, and high deployment costs.
  2. BI Book enables efficient and automated customer relationship management and sales reporting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM -Power BI integration with BI Book gives you visually clear and dynamic reports. You can customize the report views exactly the way you want with a few clicks.
  4. BI Book's Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration enables you to view an individual customer relationship as closely as you like. You get a comprehensive picture of your company's biggest / most important customers and can dive into what is being sold to them. BI Book allows you to view the number, types, development, and profitability of all products and services for sale in one view. For example, you can filter data by the seller and share only the part of your report that concerns them.
  5. By combining Microsoft Dynamics CRM with BI Book, you will be able to compare customer relationship management and profitability between the dimensions of your organization (e.g., products, cities).
  6. Report data updates in near real-time.
  7. BI Book's Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration makes it easier to manage and share reports with others - you can limit which parts of the reports others will see. 
  8. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into BI Book saves time - instead of making reports, you can focus on analyzing the ready-made reports.
  9. The clear graphs provided by BI Book make it easier to locate incomplete information.
  10. You can build custom metrics for your reports to meet the needs of your organization.
  11. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting, you can also integrate the reporting of your other systems into the same portal. For example, you can report Microsoft Dynamics CRM data along with accounting. Read more about the different integrations
  12. For you, we obtain the Power BI Pro licenses required to use Power BI for as many users as needed at a lower cost than if an individual company purchased them.

How to get started (BI Book + Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

If you are interested in more efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting, please get in touch with us via the form below! You can also book a free BI Book demo by using the same form. 

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