Teamtailor + Power BI

Teamtailor + Power BI integration

BI Book brings your Teamtailor data into life. It helps you to identify the opportunities for recruitment and the bottlenecks in your processes.

BI Book in a nutshell

Boost your Teamtailor reporting with BI Book

Teamtailor provides a lot of valuable data about applicants and the progress of application processes. However, in many companies, the applicants come through also other channels than Teamtailor alone. In addition to Teamtailor, recruitment may utilize, for example, networks and direct search on LinkedIn, in which case Teamtailor's analytics do not tell about these applicants.

By combining Teamtailor with BI Book, you get more detailed recruitment analytics. BI Book allows you to import data also from other sources than Teamtailor. The clear and dynamic Power BI reports provided by BI Book also include those employees who have come to the company along other routes than Teamtailor.

In the integration, all announcements and applications from Teamtailor and other sources are exported to BI Book. In BI Book, you can see exactly how many applications you have received for any recruitment, how many of the applicants have progressed to different application rounds, and how many have been hired in the end. Also, the information about how the applications are submitted is moved from Teamtailor to BI Book. BI Book makes it easy to compare recruitments between different cities and teams.

Benefits of BI Book for Teamtailor users

1. BI Book enables modern and automated recruitment reporting from Teamtailor data.

2. Teamtailor-BI Book integration provides a clearly visualized summary of the entire recruitment process.

3. Dynamic Power BI reports include job seekers who have come to the company along routes other than Teamtailor - a more holistic view of recruitment than just Teamtailor analytics.

4. By integrating Teamtailor into BI Book, you will be able to monitor the most important recruitment indicators closely. You can easily see the number of applicants, how many applicants have ultimately been relevant to your business, and how the applicants have ended up in your process.

5. With the Teamtailor-BI Book integration, you can compare recruitments effortlessly between different cities and teams.

6. According to your wishes, the set goals for recruiting can also be added to BI Book.  It enables you to track your goals vs. actual recruitments efficiently.

7. The Teamtailor-BI Book integration allows you to compare figures over time easily - you can track, for example, recruitment trends and how different marketing campaigns have affected the number of applicants.

8. The recruitment analytics provided by BI Book is clear and easy to understand so that the entire recruitment team can widely use them.

9. Integrating Teamtailor into BI Book allows you to share reports with others with different user rights easily - you can conveniently control which part of the reports other people see.

10. BI Book reports are always at your fingertips on any smart device. Logging in to BI Book is easy via a browser using Microsoft or Google account.

11. We acquire Power BI licenses for you for as many users as needed.

Getting started (Teamtailor + BI Book)

If you are interested in modern and more efficient Teamtailor reporting, please contact us via the form below! You can also book a free BI Book demo by using the same form. In the demo, we will show you how BI Book works with Teamtailor.

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