Data Room

The Data Room acts as an additional data warehouse for BI Book. It stores reporting data, including, for example, forecast and budget Excels.

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What is a data warehouse service?

Data warehouses are like the foundation for a house but in analytics services. Data warehouses in analytics and reporting solutions are recommended whenever you want to get organized and easy-to-use data. Integrations retrieve information from different systems through their interfaces or other ways and delivers the information into data warehouse.

All the functions of the entire analytics and reporting system is modeled in a data warehouse, i.e. Data Room. Most of the data calculation and editing is also done in data warehouses. Once the data is organized and modeled, it is sent to a BI Book, for example, which eventually shows the processed data to the user visually and clearly.

This also makes reporting smoother, without long download times or crashed browser windows. BI Book can also be connected directly to systems without a data warehouse, but in this case many problems are often encountered with the smoothness of the user interface, e.g. the dynamism and drillability of the reports.

We manage data warehouses for you. As a BI Book user you can count on that the desired report data is updated every night. We'll take care of any changes to the interfaces, taking care of the structure and overall functionality of the reports. For BI Book users, this work is not reflected in daily work, but it is very important for developing reporting and risk management.

If you have any questions concerning Data Room or BI Book, contact us at and we will provide you our full support!

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