About us

Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative support services that enable seamless collaboration between financial management and the company.

BI Book team

We have a common goal with our customers - reporting should be as useful as possible for companies. This has been our goal since the design phase of BI Book. There is a combination of strong expertise of the analytics team, financial management experts, and customer-oriented mindset behind the development of BI Book.

We strongly believe that every company will benefit from automating reporting. With our pricing model, we want to ensure that our service is suitable for all companies, regardless of size. We also do not charge the customer for implementation or data warehousing costs - this ensures the cost-effectiveness of our service. We also offer the expertise of our highly experienced team to support you throughout the journey. 

What we believe in:

  • Reporting should be as easy as possible
  • Current activities and processes can always be improved

How we solve our goals: 

  • By being open-minded
  • By continuously testing new processes

The software/user interface has been developed by the Finnish financial management software company Renance - Automated Financial Services Oy. 

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